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Willis College: Over 150 Years of Career Training Excellence in Ottawa & Arnprior
Students at Willis College benefit from
a long history of educational training

After opening our doors in 1866, Willis College quickly gained a reputation as a high-quality provider of adult educational training. Initially specializing in secretarial and business courses, we have, over time, expanded our curriculum to include a range of medical and technology programs as well, and we continue to lead and adapt in the field of employability skills training, maintaining our reputation of excellence for over 150 years.

At Willis College, students can choose from a number of business programs in marketing, payroll, human resources, office administration, accounting and business management; medical programs to become personal support workers, medical administrators, and addiction and community service workers; and technology programs in network security, cybersecurity analysis, and mobile software development. 

Many of our programs include a co-op placement to prepare students with hands-on experience in their chosen industry. Regardless of their program, however, Willis College students can get support preparing for the job market and connecting with their dream career through valuable one-on-one training with the Willis College Career Services team.

Our college also maintains a strong network of relationships with a number of leading organizations, corporations and national and international government agencies, in order to bring the best possible skills training and opportunities to students. These include the Ontario Ministry of Labour, the Department of National Defence, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Microsoft IT Academy, and many more.
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Benefits of Enrolling at Willis College
For students looking for an employment-focused education in business, healthcare or technology that can quickly lead them into a rewarding career, Willis College offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Over 150 years of excellence in skills training
  • Campuses in Ottawa and Arnprior
  • Co-op placements for many of our programs
  • Personal career training
  • Certified and experienced instructors with practical experience
  • Industry-recognized certifications

Copyright © 2018 Willis College

Copyright © 2019 Willis College